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Lil' Toula Lamb (Small) - Doulas Toys

Lil' Toula Lamb (Small) - Doulas Toys

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You'll want to keep an eye on this little lamb. If you're not careful, she's sure to scamper off with your heart!

Made of ivory colored plush that's mesmerizingly soft and designed with adorable floppy ears, heart-melting eyes, and a beautifully stitched face...

This little farm baby is practically guaranteed to become an instant best friend.

Take her on adventures. Snuggle up for the coziest nap ever. Or, just set her out as a charming bedroom decoration.

Hearts and imaginations of all sizes overflow with love and excitement the moment they catch a glimpse of the Lil' Toula Lamb!

Lil' Toula Lamb - 6.5 inch

  • Adorable, incredibly soft plush lamb
  • Encourages calmness, imaginative play
  • Features beautiful eyes, stitched face, floppy ears, air-brushed cheeks and nose
  • Resiliant polyester fill holds up to endless hugs
  • Includes one Lil' Toula Lamb
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability


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