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Mini SubWOOFer Portable Speaker

Mini SubWOOFer Portable Speaker

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Hot dog! You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Not being able to share your fav song is the absolute wurst! Thankfully our Mini SubWOOFer showed up on our doorstep just in time! This adorable mini dachshund-shaped wireless speaker is excited to be your new best friend and sharer of music!

  • Mini SubWOOFer Portable Speaker
  • Jam out with the help of man's best friend!
  • 3-inch long dachshund dog-shaped wireless speaker
  • This gift set includes a 32-page illustrated mini book
  • Fun portable size! Did we mention he loves walks?
  • Looking for a fun gift idea for your music + dog lover? We have ourselves a real Weiner!

You've heard of a purse-size dog? Try a pocket-sized pooch! He'll bring the beats wherever he goes.

Includes one USB-charged portable speaker and a 32-page illustrated mini-book. The gift box measures approximately 3 inches x 2 inches x 4 inches. Our Mini SubWOOFer is an adorable dachshund-shaped wireless speaker is a fun white elephant gift and the perfect sized stocking stuffer!

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