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Stimuli Soft Maraca by Kaloo

Stimuli Soft Maraca by Kaloo

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Designed and produced in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, this soft, cuddly rattle is perfect for attracting baby’s attention and developing their dexterity. It’s the idea size for little hands, making it easy for baby to pick up and use. It’s a soft, cuddly tool for developing their fine motor skills. Key features: - Develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination - Stimulates hearing - Fabrics with a range of different textures let babies discover a variety of different tactile sensations - The rattle features contrasting colours and dotted patterns to develop baby’s sight Hint: To start with, pick the rattle up yourself and shake it while you’re playing with baby. Once they start picking up objects around them, allow them to play with the rattle themselves.

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