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Art Therapy Miniature Coloring Kit

Art Therapy Miniature Coloring Kit

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From the bestselling international coloring book series Color Yourself Calm and illustrated by Sam Loman, this is the most adorable miniature art therapy coloring kit. Perfectly sized for the traveler, or those of us who just like “little,” the kit measures 3" wide x 3.75" tall and includes 10 small colored pencils and 50 of the cutest illustrated cards with detailed designs to complete.

If you feel like you can’t find a day—or even a few hours—free of stress, then this kit is for you. You don’t need any artistic skill whatsoever to create beautiful images with this miniature art therapy coloring kit. Simply start coloring and let your creativity take over. You’ll be surprised to find how your tension melts away as you ease into the rhythm of coloring, unlocking your imagination and transporting yourself away from the worries of the everyday world. Once you feel calm and refreshed, you can tuck your miniature art therapy coloring kit away until you need it again.

Although it comes with everything you need for hours of art therapy, this miniature kit is small and lightweight enough that it can come along wherever you go. Stash one in your desk at the office, and bring another in your carry-on luggage for downtime between flights. These kits are even light enough to take on your daily commute or while on errands—suddenly, the little things that bother you won’t be such a burden when you have this kit on-hand to soothe your mind. Your friends and family will get a mood boost, too, when you surprise them with the gift of a coloring kit.

Creating beautiful art can be a positive and relaxing experience, so lift your mood and focus your mind—no drawing skills required. A perfect, thoughtful little gift for just about anyone, anytime!

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