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Ghostbusters Mini Ghost Trap with Lights + Sound!

Ghostbusters Mini Ghost Trap with Lights + Sound!

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Who you gonna call? Your mama?

No, the Ghostbusters! Fans of the classic 1984 hit film, will absolutely adore this officially licensed Ghostbusters Trap Kit featuring a mini replica movie prop of the iconic ghost trapping device! Just remember to not cross the streams! (unless you're interested in causing a chain reaction, which may lead to a total protonic reversal and/or destruction at the cellular level, of course!)

  • Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Kit with Lights and Sound!
  • Includes a 4-inch mini ghost trap replica with functioning doors that open and close with the press of a button!
  • Flashing lights and trap sounds are activated when the doors open and will deactivate when shut.
  • Outer housing emits one yellow LED + 1 flashing red LED in standby mode. Inside emits one orange LED + 2 flashing blue LEDs, enhanced with light deflector to produce a unique effect
  • Kit includes a mini-book containing 12 full-color stickers, along with three smaller decal stickers for use with the Ghost Trap.
  • (Slimer not included)

Includes a mini replica movie prop and 16-page mini-book. A unique gift for fans of the Ghostbusters films OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Authentic collectible ™ © 2021 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Gift box measures approximately 3 inches x 2 inches x 4 inches.

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