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Lil' Handful Bunny Assortment 6" - Douglas Toys

Lil' Handful Bunny Assortment 6" - Douglas Toys

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We're celebrating spring with a special assortment of baby Bunny stuffed animals! These darling plush rabbits feature all the irresistible charm and softness you have come to expect from Douglas' popular Lil' Handful critters. Posed to lie endearingly on their backs, they rest snugly in your hands while looking up to you for love and affection. Let them win you over with their engaging, dark eyes and tiny, upraised paws.

  • Pink, flocked noses and floppy, lop ears further add to their appeal.
  • Three different Bunnies in snuggly soft coats of gold, cream, and gray ensure there's a color to suit every preference. 
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