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Pokie Pink Sloth Softie

Pokie Pink Sloth Softie

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This popular rainforest creature has been reimagined as a plump and lovable plush friend! A heavy dose of whimsy and pastel pink fur boasting unbelieveable softness make our Pink Sloth Softie stuffed animal positively irresistible. Pale gray markings around her large, amber colored eyes and a stitched smile bring out the sweetness in her gentle expression, while a sculpted, black nose and felt claws on each of her hands and feet detail her appearance. Slightly understuffed, this sweet critter features a lazy slouch that will have Sloth lovers clamoring for more. Lusciously soft and delightfully lovable, cuddling up with comfort is easy when you have our Pink Sloth Softie nestled within your arms!

Age: 24 Months & Up

SIZE (IN): 9" Tall

SIZE (CM): (23 cm)


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