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Puddin' Yorkie - Douglas Toys

Puddin' Yorkie - Douglas Toys

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Puddin’ the Yorkie is a cuddly stuffed animal whose animated expression is sure to charm fans of this energetic terrier breed. Puddin’ has an attractive grey and tan plush coat styled in a classic, easy to care for puppy cut. It features a delightfully silvery appearance and soft, silky texture that makes him a delight to hug and cuddle. His mischievous amber colored eyes are highly lifelike and give Puddin’ an especially engaging expression. Let this playful scamp run off with your heart and you won’t regret it! Puddin’ the Yorkshire Terrier stuffed animal is a lovable plush companion and is already housebroken!

Additional Information:

Ages: 24 Months & Up

Size (IN): 10" Long

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